Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Opening Night, It's Opening Night!

Well loyal readers, it's begun. The show officially opened last night in Columbia, SC to another standing ovation. And a well earned company party followed at the hotel. Open bar. Need I say more?

DISCLAIMER: Anything I may ever divulge in this blog about problems onstage, offstage, backstage, etc. will never be things that affect the quality of the performance for you the audience. Unless otherwise noted. The show is great.

That having been said.

Our load in and opening performance were plagued with technical glitches. The show was held for 20 minutes to due to scenic issues. 15 minutes before the show started, the decision was made to cut a piece of scenery that required some last minute blocking changes. It was a little nerve wracking for those of us who knew everything that was going on, but the audience loved the show. I just got back from rehearsal and it seems that everything is fixed. The scenic piece that was cut last night has been re-hung and everything looks good. We have a show tonight and one more tomorrow night, following which I hop in the car to head...


Thursday in Orlando kids. I believe there may be some socializing going on Thursday night. Not sure what, not sure where. But I don't have to be anywhere until Friday afternoon in Sarasota where we play this weekend. If details develop soon enough about Thursday, I'll post them here.


It's like "Lucerne" without the "c." said...

Ummmmmmmm... what!??! You don't know what to do Thursday night?

Need I say ... TRISH??

robyn said...

oh pleeeeease let us know if you're having a get together...i'd love to see you! i'm at Sak that night but only til 9:30pm, so i'd love to see you at a social gathering if you have one...xoxo

Jason said...

I'm not completely excluding Trish from my evening. But there has been talk of "going out" socializing on Thursday, a la Lava, PI, etc. Nothing planned yet except me drinking everyone under the table.

Anonymous said...

DO keep us all abreast of your plans while in Orlando. Love you!

Tracy Wiu said...

Hey Jason - I'll be watching your show in Sarasota on Saturday (matinee). 8th row!!! I'd love to say hi during intermission of after the show. Let me know how to get in touch with you. Email me at tracyf53@gmail.com. Laters. :)