Thursday, September 14, 2006

My old Kentucky home

Made it to Owensboro. I did not end up staying over in Indianapolis. Sorry, Eric. Arrival time in Owensboro was approximately 3:30am (2:30 am Central). Unfortunately, I had to go get breakfast to waste time until the hotel's night audit was finished. Which was fine as I was slightly hungry anyway. No IHOP in sight.

The next week will basically consist of tech rehearsals, orchestra rehearsals, putting it together (bit by bit) rehearsals and then we finish next week with two previews. This is all happening at the
River Park Center in industrially beautiful downtown Owensboro.

We're staying at the Executive Inn, a few blocks down from the theatre. It's Branson, Missouri INSIDE. Seriously, go to their website and click on the "entertainment" link.

Well, I will be here for a little over a week so I will update more once rehearsals get under way.


It's like "Lucerne" without the "c." said...


A Voices title and a reference to IHOP, all in one post.

Went to Vista this morning.

Jon Barr asked me today if you would be playing for Nemo rehearsals.

Jason said...

Thank you for Vista. What did Jon Barr say when you told him where I was?