Sunday, September 24, 2006

Columbia...gem of the ocean??

I'm trying really hard to keep this thing updated. But boy, it's hard with this kind of schedule. Sleeping in, drinking, rehearsal, drinking, dinner, drinking. Just kidding...sort of.

We've moved! Owensboro, Kentucky has seen The Producers come and go. We finished our tech rehearsals and had two wonderful previews that ended in two standing ovations. The show is ready to open.

The end of our stay in Kentucky was filled with some pretty atrocious weather. So on Friday evening, I went to the theatre at about 5:30pm to pick up Justin M., our keyboard programmer. We decided to have sushi for dinner. (In Kentucky. Who knew?)
Well, as I walked in the lobby entrance, I was immediately ushered into one of the backstage windowless hallways where I was informed that we were under a tornado warning. There was a HUGE storm system aimed directly at Owensboro and tornados had touched down 45 minutes away. Eventually this all passed and the show went on only 13 minutes late. The rain continued however and the entire western half of Kentucky was flash-ly flood-ed.

Favorite Luerne quote while under a tornado warning:
"If you did Wicked right now, you could make the tornado the end of the show."

Saturday consisted of driving to Columbia, SC with the aforementioned Justin M., followed by a night on the town as today, Sunday, is a "golden day". A golden day is basically just an off day. No show, no travel. They are a scarcity in touring life and should be enjoyed to the fullest extent allowed by law.

And that's where we are now. Tomorrow's call is 11:30am for a walk-through of the theatre, sound check, and a full dress run. Tomorrow night is a 7pm half hour for a 7:30 opening.

I'll let you know.

Here are some new goodies:

Brad Nacht as the Chrysler Building, I mean Roger De Bris

The fabulous (and tall) Liz Helms is truly a "Producer Babe"

Karyn McNay and Heidi Suhr as the Usherettes

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Anonymous said...

I once slept through a tornado going through my very own backyard. At least I know that if it had hit my house I would have died peacefully in my sleep.