Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogging is hard when the bar is open

There is not a single IHOP in the entire state of Kentucky. Excuse me, but does the "I" not stand for "International"? Has Kentucky seceded from the Earth? I know I've been in Canada for a bit, but I'm sure I would've heard something about that. Now I realize that some may argue that the "International" applies to the French toast, the Belgian waffles, or the Swedish crepes with lingonberries. But if this is the source of the "International" moniker, then I believe we'd all be dining at the HOIP, the House of International Pancakes.

Thank you for reading on.

We have now finished two days of tech rehearsal and are way ahead of schedule. Everything is progressing splendidly. Tomorrow (or later today if you notice the time stamp), we will be diving head first into "Springtime for Hitler", by far the largest production sequence in the show. However, I will not be there for much of that as I will be at...

orchestra rehearsal.

Today, we had our first orchestra rehearsal and Mr. Wetzel has never been as happy a camper (no pun intended). The band is simply brilliant. The reduced orchestrations sound just as full as the CD. The keyboard programming is better than the 1st national tour of Wicked, and every player is just rock solid. Our lead trumpet is screaming, the 3 reed players are switching instruments at the speed of light, and I get to play a cash register. On top of all of this, the players are having fun. At the end of a very long day, we had gotten as far as "Springtime" and our musical director decided to break for the day instead of diving into a long number. The band decided to raise the threat level to orange and demanded that we at least play through it. The real reason probably being that most of the band ended up saying the line, "Don't be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the Nazi party". It was a tremendous rehearsal.

The hottest little tidbit right now is the rumor that Mr. Brooks himself will be attending our preview performance here in Owensboro. It seems that he's a good friend of the President of the performing arts center here. It's also rumored that he's out of the country, so I guess we'll see.

Mr. Brooks? Jason Wetzel it's nice to meet you will you hire me on Young Frankenstein?

And finally, the pic of the day.

Here's Heidi, one of our female character ensemble as Lick Me Bite Me. Yes, that's the character's name. The girl is 25.

And now off to bed so i can put the Ritz on in 6 hours.


It's like "Lucerne" without the "c." said...

Jon is very impressed, indeed. Oh -- I had to submit some digital photos to Disney today... and since I don't have a lot of just me, there was one of you and me together and one with me with, um, Lou Diamond Phillips. Hehe.

So, since you're spending all this time online now, get yourself a bona fide Myspace, will you? So I can harass you there too?


Jason said...

You should know better than that. I will not do Myspace. I think it's the devil.

robyn said...

i used to think the same thing...and now that i've joined myspace, i realize.....i was IS the devil....i fucking love it!!

Colin said...

Myspace is fun... you don't have to do much with it, but it's a great way to keep in touch and to feel popular (you're gonna be popular).

And just think, at least Luerne will harass you... she doesn't ever harass me ::sniffles::

John said...

i seem to remember having the same problem with IHOP deficiency in Maine.