Monday, September 11, 2006

A new beginning...

Okay, so that sounds like the title of the next Encore show.


I've decided to reignite my failed attempt at a blog. Now that I'm out on the road with the national tour of The Producers, I thought that this would be a great way for everyone to get a glimpse of life on the road. First off, the title is an homage to our show. If a national tour has more than one company on the road, most often they are named. For example, the musical Rent has had the "Roger" tour and the "Benny" tour. Just as creatively, The Producers has had the "Leo" tour and the "Max" tour. See how that works? Well, our tour has unofficially been named the "Keeping it Gay" tour. And trust me, we are.

I'm currently in Kitchener, Ontario (I know), where we've been rehearsing. Originally we were in New York City, which would have been much more convenient for me coming from Maine. We got moved to Toronto because of security issues. Our director and choreographer (2 people) are both from London and were having problems flying into the United States and getting work visas, blah blah Bush sucks blah.

Toronto was a dud, when the studio we rented was way too small. So here we are in the middle of Ontario, in a great space mind you, but with not much to do outside. But fear not, dear reader, for I leave the Great White Way, I mean North, on Wednesday afternoon for.....


I get to stop overnight and visit a friend in Indianapolis and then it's on to Owensboro, Kentucky where we start tech rehearsals on Friday the 15th.

Part of the reason I decided to continue/restart this blog was because I knew I'd be online a lot on the road and I would have the time that I didn't think I had before to concentrate on something like this. So we'll see how it works out this time.

Pack up the luggage, la, la, la...
(Joke copyright 2006 Colin Byrne)

Next stop Owensboro!

From Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (land of the Toonies) where it's always Springtime for Hitler,



Swank Matt said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. I miss you, Wetzel! I'll have to visit you in Pensacola...or Fargo. I hear it's beautiful in March.

Jason said...

Thank you Mr. Swank. It's good to be back. How about Tampa in June? It's closer and just as smelly in a different way.