Monday, January 15, 2007

The Hop Clop, it's been so long!

I know. I know. We have lots of ground to cover, let's just move on.

So when last we left off, I was heading into Penn State for the weekend, which turned out to be extremely nice. Within the company, I was "that guy" who knew where to go, where to be, where to eat. Speaking of eats, I present a special edition of the Bar Watch for Penn State, University Park. I know at least one of my readers will personally enjoy this.

University Park, PA
Gumby's Pizza, specifically Pokey Stix
D.P. Dough Calzones, which somehow even taste better at 4am
Ye Olde College Diner - Mac and Cheese, with a grilled sticky ala mode for dessert.

Gay Bar: Chumley's

The other nice part about the weekend was that my family got to visit, stay overnight at our hotel (could've been tricky), and see the show.

Let's zoom through the rest here to bring us up to date, shall we? Please stand clear of the doors.

Amherst, MA
Sucked. We ended up having all of our shows except opening night cancelled due to slow sales. I was also quite sick and lucked out by getting a single room, so I stayed in bed for two days and watched TV, except for running out to get hot and sour soup. Having the car though did allow me and ensemble cast member Thay to take a little side trip to Boston to see the regional premiere of Hairspray at
North Shore Music Theatre. Another good friend Brian "B.C." Cimmet was assistant music director and playing in the band.

Amherst, MA
NONE. Even if I wasn't sick, there was still nowhere to go and the campus was DRY! Double suck to you Amherst.

Portland, ME
As far as I'm concerned, one of the greatest cities in the country. And the home state of many summer friends from Maine State Music Theatre (see link to the left). Props out to Mainers: Steve, Kat, Lori, Jimmy, Stephanie and Derrick and Jason. Derrick and Jason were both interns at Maine State last summer and Jason is now in the national tour of Captain Louie, the Stephen Schwartz children's musical.

Portland, ME
Gay Bar: Styxx
Exactly what you would want a gay bar to be named, right?

Philadelphia, PA
Back to the home state AND Dann
y L.! Philadelphia was our first week long sit down of the tour and it was great. The houses were quite empty, but overall a good stay. We were right downtown near the stores and the theatre.

Philadelphia, PA
Gay Bars: Woody's and The Tavern, whose piano bar is not as fun as P-House's used to be.

So much for zooming along.

Washington, D.C.
Sort of. During our stay in Philadelphia, we were informed that our entire week in D.C. was cancelled due to lack of sales. Uh-oh. So that meant...

Orlando, FL
One week layoff. Bar Watch, Pulse, Parliament House. IHOP with Luerne. Yada, yada, yada.

Pensacola, FL
Back on the road. Trying to zoom here. The town: Ugh. The theatre: Ugh. The hotel: Ugh. The audiences: The best we've had so far. Amazing. Also in Pensacola, we celebrated two big birthdays on the same day: Austin, our Leo, and Kasey, our music director. That was a good drinking night. And the brownies!

Pensacola, FL
Dan and Ron's Video Bar

Tallahassee, FL
Another reason I'm never going to the Panhandle again. After Amherst, our second "arena" show. You ain't seen Broadway until you've seen it on Jumbo-vision. Nothing to report here, except the aforementioned Austin (Leo) is an FSU alum and we also celebrated Dan's (asst. company manager) birthday at...

Tallahassee, FL
Cafe Cabernet
Sounds gay, non?

Savannah, GA
Beautiful city. Unfortunately, we were not staying downtown. Old, historic, charming. One night after the show, a large group of us took a ghost tour downtown. Savannah also marked our return to a performing arts center as opposed to a renovated vaudeville house. Also here, we ate at Paula Dean's restaurant, The Lady and Sons.

Savannah, GA
1 Gay Bar, 1 Drag Show, 1 Karaoke Bar, and 1 Strip Club. All in one night to celebrate John West's (Carmen Ghia) birthday.

Albany/Schenectady, NY
I do want to point out that on the drive to New York from Georgia, I did stop at JR's Discount World in North Carolina for cigarettes. That shout out was for Danny. Played Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady, an opulent theatre that we packed full for a week. Thank God. We also had a great Greek diner next to our hotel, where they closed down one night to make a huge Greek meal for us and lots of shots. Ya mas!

Albany, NY
Gay Bars: Waterworks and Club Phoenix. If you're ever in the area, just know which one to go to on a certain night of the week.

Binghamton, NY
Crap theatre. Crap audiences. Best thing here is that the hotel, the theatre, and the bars are all within about 3 blocks of each other. Celebrated Gregg's birthday, our drummer and one of my best tour buddies, at Dillingers. And two nights before that, drank 10 cent beers from 6pm-1am. Ah, tour. Also met Joshua who is an afternoon drive DJ on the local mix station and a friend of Justin, our keyboard progammer. (see earlier entries)

Binghamton, NY
Gay Bar: Prism
Nice crowd and a fun karaoke night

Are we there yet?

Scranton, PA
Close to home. Close enough to go shopping with Mom, Dad, and Nan at the mall one morning. Also bought new glasses here. Silly asides. Stayed in a marvelous Radisson hotel housed in an old railroad station building. For you travellers out there, all Radissons have the Sleep Number beds and wonderful pillows as well. Courtney Cox Arquette and I are both 45s. The theatre here in Scranton is actually a Scottish Rite Cathedral, which I've always found is the right surroundings when doing a Nazi musical.

Scranton, PA
Hotel Bar: Trax
We are all very tired here. The Hotel Bar will do just fine, especially if they serve food after 11.

Newark, NJ
Trying to zoom again here. Our hotel was actually in Elizabeth which sucked. Especially when people had things like laptops stolen and then our crew bus was broken into. So we moved into downtown Newark for the last night of our stay. Got to see two shows while we were there.
Spring Awakening - absolutely loved it. Can't stop listening to it. I agree with everything Matty said in his blog review. (see link to the left)
The Apple Tree - Kristin Chenoweth was a delight. A charming, delicate, subtle show. Luscious orchestra.
One night out in New York, along with Aaron W. (Trumpet 2), I got to catch up with ex-Orlandoians (?!?) Nathan, Shannon, and Katrina. We drank the Duplex closed and then Aaron and I proceeded to drink until about 7am, which as it turns out will still make you drunk until intermission of your matinee. Who knew? Also got to see Justin for a few hours and talk to some other friends as well. Newark also takes us over Christmas, so I took the car home (FOR THE LAST TIME!) and did the traditional things, which for my family also includes celebrating Festivus. Festivus for the rest of us!

Newark, NJ
Um...New York City. Duh.

First bus ride to...
Norfolk, VA

I think I'll leave off here and resume later. You have had more than enough to read and I thank you for your patience and diligence. Here's one more link for you. Even though most of you know my feelings toward this particular demonic website, please visit the 2006-2007 National Tour of The Producers MySpace page! Be our friend.


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I miss you.

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Wow. When you update, you UPDATE. I love you.

*At the Tavern: screaming "KAMAC!!!!!!" when Danny elbows you during the song that I really should know but I don't.
*Pensacola has a big gay pride festival every year. Who knew? Maybe it has something to do with the naval base.
*I am so, so, so envious of the NYC shows you saw and Paula Dean's restaurant. I am not sure which one trumps the other.

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finally!! so fun to read your updates!! xoxo :)

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It was truly past time. Yay!

Boo for you coming to Orlando for a week and me not getting to see you!

Laura :)

P.S. Big Book of Fred opens Saturday!